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Hi I have a Mostly problem issue the Everyone's that use android 10 has been explained about this problem my big problem in android 10 is I can't use call recorder apps please if its security concern of Samsung Galaxy company that removed the call recorder apps abilities is New updates android 10 then please Make a new smaller update for Samsung android 10 series that provide us an apps that belongs to Samsung Galaxy systems look like whenever I receiveed android 10 new systems updates (Screen recorder) Has been add to my phone and I am grateful from Samsung phone company for this ability but now the mostly great problem of Android 10 Samsung user is ⚠️Call recording⚠️ issue because whenever I want to record a call conversation as a Proof Document I can't do it however if when you see the comments of All call recorders App you will see those person that use New phone series(A7 2018-A 20 - A30 and etc..) with Android 10 Upgrade they have explained that they can't use Call recording Applications
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hi, I think u need to download 3rd party app for call recording from play store. There is no call recording for samsung devices in Malaysia.