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 System UI has been doing this since updated to One UI 4.1 yesterday. Battery drain is significantly worse than before. I've tried all sorts of ways to stop it, but it just keeps running.


Android 12, one ui 4.1, sm a515f

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Screenshot_20220506-182701_Permission controller.jpg

From location permissions, clearly its these 3 that is the culprit. Seems like all 3 are requesting for location. Also, at the time shown above, the phone was sitting idle.

Another note, none of any apps are given location permission to run "all the while". At most, only Waze which is in deep sleep, is allowed to requests while app is being used. 

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In my experience, it will take probably 3-5 days or maybe more for the new updated system to fully 'completed'.
During this period, there's lot of services running at the background, causing unexpected battery drain.
Give it few more days and observe. I believe the problem will be sorted out.
All the best. 👌🏻
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Well, this whole section for System UI seems to have disappeared. Guess they changed something to hide it, as it is still doing it's thing and can be seen if dug deeper.

Anyhow, will wait a few more days and hopefully the battery drain improves, as well as a whole lot more issues going on other than this.

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I am facing the same issue. I even tried resetting the settings but it's still the same. I updated my device almost 3 weeks back.

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I did the following for now, may not be the solution, but it shouldn't need so much tinkering. Also, it feels like there's still alot of bugs in Android 12 to be ironed out. Feel free to try if you want, just make sure you understand what you are doing, based on your usage.


1. Reset app preferences


2. Preference/Permissions changed:

ANT (all) - disabled or restricted
Samsung Location SDK - Restricted
//System UI - Restricted
Samsung Visit In - Restricted & Location;Phone (dont allow)
Quick Share - Restricted & Location (ask every time)
SamsungPositioning - Restricted & Force Stop
Voice Wake-up - Restricted
slocation - Restricted & Force Stop

Android System Intelligence - Usage data Access off & Microphone Off & Nearby devices Off & Restricted
Google Play Services - Usage data Access off
Galaxy Store - Usage data Access off
Market Feedback Agent - Usage data Access off & Restricted

//Google services framework - restricted
Garmin Connect - restricted
Knox Enrollment Service - Location (dont allow)
Bixby Vision - camera (don't allow)
Bixby Voice - camera (don't allow)

group sharing - calender;contacts;sms (dont allow)
link sharing - restricted
Samsung Free - Files and Media (dont allow)
Secure Wifi - Usage data Access turned off


3. Disabled:

Android Auto
ANT Radio Service
ANT+ Plugins Service
AR Emoji
Game Launcher
Google Play Services for AR
Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications
Meta App Installer
Meta App Manager
Meta Services

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Did it work for you or are you still getting constant location permission requests? Also i noticed that the issue occurs only when Data and Location is turned on. With Wifi and location, i am not getting this issue. 

Moreover, the battery life just **bleep** after Android 12, so yeah it is still very buggy.

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Hard to tell, while I was still getting the constant location request up till yesterday, so I had bixby routines turn off location when I'm connected to wifi. With that, the requests stopped, as it should.

Meanwhile, I did not notice much difference between 'data vs wifi' with location. In my experience, requests are the same, while Data will almost definitely consume more battery for me.

For now, turning off location seems to have stopped the location requests. Meanwhile, the battery drain seems to have improved a little since, as advised. However, the battery is still draining faster than before update, despite having location off. So my conclusion is, even though the location requests are happening in the background, it's not the biggest factor for the battery drain I'm facing, maybe just a little, or maybe the steps I took above did do the trick : )

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I have the same issue on Samsung s22.

I found the app that continues to request the position:

But is not possible to revoke gps grant to it...