Beginner Level 2
Galaxy A
Been using this Samsung A13 for the past 1 month plus, and it has been one of the worst experience. It keeps disconnecting my home WiFi automatically like every few minutes once. Like i have to check the connection every one hour once and it will show "connected without Internet". Then i have to off and on the wifi option in phone, reconnect. Then it will last for perhaps another one hour if I'm lucky,  then it gets disconnected again showing "connected without Internet". I'm getting sick and tired of this issue. I can't be checking and on and off wifi every hour, because of this i don't get messages delivered on time, which affects my business.   Im also using other brand phones,  never once had this issue. Only samsung got this issue.. i wonder if they manufactured their phone in such cheap quality. 
The phone speaker is another whole problem. The sound cracks like and breaks terribly when I'm on call, the other person can't hear me and i can't hear the other person speaking because it cracks terribly. Especially if i put the call in loudspeaker, the issue will get 3 times worse. 
Pls do something.. the phone's price is not cheap, we paid for it not get this kind of quality.