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Hello, I have A52 phone and my google wallet is working even when my phone is locked. I want to make it work only when I unlock it. I saw there should be a menu "Require device unlock for NFC" but I don't have this menu? any body know why? 

My phone is updated to the last update.


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I know Google Wallet released last month but how are you gonna use it in Malaysia? As you know that Google Wallet/ Google Pay is not available here yet. I wish i can use it too but no luck so far. Or do you mean by other countries?

To toggle the "Require device unlock for NFC", you need the latest Android 12 updates (is a must). If your phone still do not have it even if you are using Android 12, it means that the setting option is likely not available for your device. As you know even with the latest update, some older phone might not have all the available features compare to a new device.  

If you want to manually lock/ unlock the NFC while using it, the only way you can do is manually enable it by every time you pull down your screen and tap on the NFC icon there (On/ Off).

More details here: