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Samsung’s best-selling phone in the US last quarter

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Galaxy A
The Galaxy A10e was Samsung’s top and the fourth overall best-selling smartphone in the country this past quarter. It’s trailed by the Galaxy A20 in fifth place.

This is the first quarter that devices from the affordable Galaxy A series have made it to the top five sellers list. Samsung has taken notice of this shift in consumer behavior and launched its 2020 Galaxy A series in the United States. It’s even bringing 5G models of the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71, giving customers who want to experience 5G without paying through the nose for a flagship device more affordable options.

It goes without saying that the pandemic is going to have a negative impact on smartphone sales going forward as well. People will be wary about spending more money than what’s necessary on a smartphone in these times, as livelihoods come under threat for millions. In such an environment, the more affordable options may continue to outsell Samsung’s premium devices.