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Complete IPX seal failure after just 2 years

(Topic created on: 02-15-2024 08:05 AM)
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This post is a warning about Samsung's so called IPX seal.

  I owned a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G.  After exactly 2 years the seals completely disintegrated.  All the seals.  Every single one.  Around the camera, and around the case.

  Because I was using a protective case, it was holding my phone together.   Until I splashed some seawater on my camera, and that was it.

Please be aware that the lifespan on the IPX seals, which seems to just be double sided tape, is extremely limited.  When your warranty goes, so does the IPX seal.



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Seawater is very dangerous liquid cause it has mix sand and salty water and can damage any components