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How to fix Galaxy Note 20 Moisture Detected Issue

(Topic created on: 06-12-2021 10:11 AM)
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Galaxy Note
Recently my N20U suddenly showed a moisture in the charging port warning. I shook it, dried it with a hair dryer, restarted the phone numerous times but the warning persisted.

As per usual, I turn to the Droid Guy for help. Please read his article carefully if you have this problem. As for me, the first step solved my problem. I pressed volume down + power button until the phone turned off and back on again. That forced restart solved it.

If you are in a similar bind, I hope this helps you.

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Galaxy Note
Hi , hallo , herm , base on my experience actually when USB PORT contact with liquid , Android System will pop up a notifications message *Check Charger/USB PORT* Moisture has been detected,;Etc....

So when you see this notifications, Please
1. Turn off your Galaxy Smart Phone
2. Use cotton to clean the liquid
3. Use hair dryer dry the USB port
4. Power on your device again after cleaning.

You will found why the irritating notifications still pop up there , so please don't be panic , 😄...

And Don't simply sent your smartphone to repair shop or service centre ask to replace the USB port.

Before you visit to any nearest Samsung service centre, please do this step 1st.

The method may be different base on your Android version.
1. Android 9 and 10
What you need to do is open
Setting > Apps > Click the 3 dot on top right side > Select Show System apps > Start to look for *Android System* > Click Storage and clear cache > Return , And Click force stop.
Once you complete click Force Stop , the notifications will gone. 😃

For Android 11 , Please follow me I will share the video. 😅😃