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I'm using note 9 exynos variant for more than a year now. Right now i'm on the latest software update as of May 7th 2020 which is ONE UI 2.0

i've been using the new screen recording feature and have a problem with it.

The problem is, whenever i share the recorded video(screen recording) on whatsapp, the sound doesnt align with the video. 
Say i screen record video of a man talking. the sound doesnt match with his mouth movement.

I've sent it many times on whatsapp and its still have the same problem. I dont think theres anything wrong with my internet as i can browse the internet smoothly.

is there any fix to this problem? Please do help if you know the answer.

p.s. ive never had this kind of problem before when i use the screen recorder version android 8.1 i think. This problem only occured since the ONE UI update pushed to note 9. I have to say, i kinda hate this update beause of this problem

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maybe you can use link sharing to share the video
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i believe you are using non samsung apps for the recording...

this is not samsung problem... the apps developer must update their apps to fix the problem to align with samsung new update...