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Is there any solution to solve the unstable mobile data connection (turned on my mobile data, 4g sign is there but no internet)? Always need to turn airplane mode on/off to solve this issue. Annoying 
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Hi BehHJ,


This is Moderator from Samsung Members Community.


We feel so bad for your experience, we really hope the connection will back to normal soon.


We need your cooperation to provide some print screen and information to us for further investigation.


1. Device IMEI/SN (*#06#) - optional
2. Location having issue - we will send technical support to check the connection at the area.
3. TELCO. Working on 1 SIM or dual SIM
4. Details symptom description
5. Details reproduce steps - Please let us know how you reproduce this issues.
6. How frequent symptom happen.
7. Problem binary (Confirm on *#1234#) - print screen is needed.
8. Time range where normally problem occur.


Except IMEI number, the rest of the information you can share at here if you agree with it.


We will escalate to related team and conduct network testing at the location you mentioned.


However, if you have privacy concern, you also can escalate your details through Samsung Email Support ).


Once again, we apologies for all the inconvenience caused.


Thank you.