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Galaxy S21 Olympic Edition isn’t as exclusive as its predecessors

(Topic created on: 06-23-2021 12:08 PM)
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As a reminder, the Galaxy S20 Olympic Edition has gotten cancelled together with the original Tokyo Olympics and the rest of 2020. But it would seem the original deal Samsung had with DTT Docomo still stood. As the Galaxy S21 Olympic Edition is said to pretty much be last year’s device with updated specs. Not too shabby turn of an events, considering how much better the Galaxy S21 turned out to be compared to its predecessor.


Another distinct feature of the Galaxy S21 Olympic Edition is an exclusive One UI 3.1 skin running on top of the flagship. As can be seen from the screenshots below. Dark mode support is included, but there are no limited-edition soundscapes to speak of here. Which wasn’t the case with previous Olympic Editions of Samsung flagships, mind you.

The chances of this device officially making its way out of Japan are pretty much nil. But again, having one shipped to you is only a question of finding the right seller online and having enough disposable income.