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Navigation bar/Swipe gestures

(Tema creado el: 05-24-2024 02:59 PM)
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Galaxy S
Hi Samsung 👋
I would kindly like to share that the new software update was not as well received as I would have liked. And it's one little thing causing discomfort. 
One of the benefits of swipe gestures and navigation bars is how personalised they can be. And to then take away that; specifically for the swipe gestures is atrocious. It interferes with so much from side panels to my app usage. 
And I now have to adjust myself to my phone of 3 years (it feels so foreign) and it's not a seamless/convenient change. I would like if the swipe gestures could be returned to their former state prior to this update if possible. And Grammarly isn't available on my keyboard anymore to the best of my knowledge. 
Thank you and keep up the good work. 😊
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