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S24 ultra heats up when data is on

(Topic created on: 06-01-2024 06:06 PM)
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Galaxy S
I got my phone mid of April and while I learned that new phones take time to adjust to my usage, I can't help but feel like the motherboard or something could be a defect? My screen will heat up but not burning hot while using, and i think there was twice the whole screen kinda heated up real hot when I turned on my data (that couldn't work). So I turned it off right away to cool the phone down. Sometimes when I turn on data it doesn't work either, I have to turn on airplane mode and off again then my data works.

Anyone knows if this is a defect 🥲

My S22+ actually heated up like that as well when I turn on data and suddenly the next day, morning was all fine, put my phone one side to work, during lunch when i pick up my phone again the screen was all glitching and white.
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Galaxy S
Better send in to service centre.