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Samsung Notes- PDF Exporting

(Topic created on: 07-21-2021 05:27 PM)
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Galaxy S
I hope samsung read this comment!

Actually everytime im using the note scanning on samsung note apps and trying to convert into pdf file , its take nearly 1 minutes which it quite long to wait for those people who in rush to send their document to the authorize person.

Second thing is the pdf file that have been successful converted into pdf files has a big size in which it need to compressed first before send it through e-mail. I do hope samsung help user by compressed the scanning note automatically.

Last but not least, i hope samsung make a change in the look of note scanning. Every note that has been scanning must be in black and white colour only although the note have been wrote in the blue pen. Make the document view only black and white.

I hope this feature above being apply to samsung in the next update. 

Overall, samsung note is great but only need some improvement to make the user experience much better.