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While on Whatsapp call on my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone, if someone calls on my phone, I can't hear the

(Topic created on: 08-22-2023 11:42 PM)
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I got Samsung Galaxy S9 phone with the latest Whatsapp app version.

While on Whatsapp call using speaker on my phone, if someone calls on my phone (regular phone call), I can't hear the other side on the existing Whatsapp call (if they try to talk, I can't hear them - They can hear the vibration or the sound of the other incoming call, but I can't hear them if they talk).

I can hear them again only when the incoming call is declined or it stops ringing.

Here is how to reproduce the issue:
1.) Have 1 whatsapp caller call your whatsapp, answer, put on speaker and let the other side talk.
2.) Have another regular phone caller call on your phone.
Actual behavior: I can't hear the whatsapp caller anymore while the regular call is ringing.
Expected behavior: To be able to hear the whatsapp caller regardless of any incoming calls on my phone.
Note: This issue doesn't happen on my iphone (receiving the phone call while talking on whatsapp), so something with samsung/android/whatsapp combo is causing this glitch.

Is there any setting on my android phone settings or whatsapp app settings that can prevent this from happening, so if I talk with someone on Whatsapp, I can hear them all the time, regardless if there are any incoming phone calls? Do you have this issue too?

Thank you.

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UPDATE: I spoke with Samsung support, they're still investigating, but here's what we found so far: I have galaxy s9 with latest android software update that was provided by samsung which is the one that was installed on August 29, 2022:

Version: G960FXXUHFVG4 (Android 10)


Security patch level: March 1, 2022

We tried the same test with other apps:

Skype - It puts the skype call on hold when there is an incoming phone call

Signal - It does the same problem as with Whatsapp, you can't hear the other side while the incoming call is ringing

According to samsung support rep, it could be a limitation of the latest software update that samsung provided, she said she will follow up with the supervisor to check.

But really, I find this mind blowing that this functionality works like that, because with iPhone you can get incoming phone calls and not be interrupted on any active voip apps based call but with samsung android, every time you get a call or a spam call or whatever it could interrupt/disturb your ongoing voip call and if you have an important voip call this is a very bad situation, so I hope samsung can figure out some workaround resolution for this if not a new software update is provided since the device is no longer supported software wise.