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DisplayPort and HDMI both are confusing, netizens state

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What's the difference between DisplayPort and HDMI? Whether you're connecting a monitor and desktop PC, a TV to a game console, or setting up your home theater with a soundbar, you've probably wondered about these seemingly similar A/V connections. While DisplayPort and HDMI may look a lot alike, and are used for some of the same purposes, both have some distinct differences.


This guide isn't going to require you to slog through the technical aspects of transmission modes, bit depth or color formats – it's rarely helpful to know this information unless you're wading into the deeper waters of complex A/V installations. Instead, we'll cover the most essential information for DisplayPort and High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connections. Specifically which connections are best for your gear and intended uses, what connection standards support the resolution and features you want, and which you're likely to find on your computer and home theater devices.