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Google's two-step verification or 2SV mandate starts rolling out November 9. Earlier in May on World Password Day, Google announced that it will "start automatically enrolling users in 2SV if their accounts are appropriately configured." Last month in a blog post it said that by the end of 2021, it plans to auto-enroll an additional 150 million Google users in 2SV. The company explains that this will make their Gmail "much more secure." The process is now reportedly underway for the first wave of accounts that are appropriately configured (i.e. they are signed into Google on their phone). The company is informing users via email that "2-Step Verification will be turned on automatically on November 9." Here's all that you need to know



Is 2-step verification required for all accounts?

Yes, 2-step verification is required for all Google accounts.



Google has started rolling 2-step verification for "appropriately configured" accounts, what are they?

"Appropriately configured" accounts are the ones that have a phone number or second email address associated with them, or a smartphone set up to receive Google notifications.



How can I know if my account is "appropriately configured"?

You can find this by doing a security checkup of your Google account.



Why is Google going for 2-step verification?

According to Google, signing in with both a password and a second step on your phone protects it against password-stealing scams. Even if someone gets your password online, they won’t also have your phone.



Will users get alert before 2-step verification is auto-enabled for their Google account?

Yes, process is starting November 9. The users in the first wave have started receiving emails about the change. Users receive email or notification/alert about 7 days before this change happens.



Can I turn on 2-step verification on my own, if yes then how?

Yes, users can turn on 2-step verification on their own. Here's how:

Open your Google Account.

In the navigation panel, select Security.

Under Signing in to Google, select 2-Step Verification and then get started.

Follow the on-screen steps.



How does 2-step verification work if a user does not have his/her phone?

If a user loses his phone or does not have it with him, Google can use his recovery email to help him sign in.



Can I turn 2-step verification off?

Yes, users can turn off 2-step verification after it is turned on automatically. However, Google warns users that signing in with just a password makes your account much less secure.



2-step verification also must for YouTube creators

Google also requires YouTube creators to use 2-step verification to access YouTube Studio. The requirement kicked in from November 1, 2021. The company announced this via a tweet from its official YouTube account, Team YouTube.