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PUBG Mobile 1.3 update brings a host of features to celebrate 3rd anniversary

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PUBG Mobile is getting a massive update to celebrate the game’s 3rd anniversary. Making its worldwide debut on March 19, 2018, the popular battle royale game became a global phenomenon and one of the top-grossing mobile games worldwide. With the new update, the game gets a new electronic music festival theme, new modes, and various features taking the center-stage. The new update will also bring the Royale Pass Season 18 with the title ‘Hundred Rhythms’, which will roll out from March 17. Having said that, the game continues to stay banned in India with no information on when or even whether the government plans to lift the ban.


Here are some of the key features that will be arriving with the PUBG Mobile 1.3 update:

Hundred Rhythms Event

A new event has been added to the game’s most popular map, Erangel. The new mode will offer three special skills to players depending on the Armband they choose. Players will have the option to choose from the Guardian Armband, Recon Armband, or Camouflage Armband before the match begins. Each of the armbands provides three skills. The first is an active skill that grants the player a powerful ability, while the other two are passive skills that grant the player buffs. Each player will start the match with just the core skill and need to get ‘cassettes’ to unlock the passive skills. The Hundred Rhythms event will also have three electronic music squares that will spawn on Erangel. One of them will be on Spawn Island, while the other 2 will spawn in random locations. These are definitely going to be hotspots, so take caution while dropping to these locations.

As for the special skills, here is what each ‘Armband’ is going to offer:

Guardian Armband

  • Music Barrier – When used, this skill activates a device that generates a semi-transparent column-shaped barrier that reduces the damage taken from bullets.
  • Music Conversion – This skill activates an interactive feature for the barrier generator. Players can use this feature to disable the barrier and recover the Energy of allies within range instead.
  • Pop Metal – Players and their allies will have decreased reload time when they are inside the barrier.

Recon Armband

  • Sonic Scan – After using this skill, the player throws a scanning device forward to scan and mark enemies.
  • Encore – Players will recover Health after knocking out marked enemies.
  • Sound Burst – When there are marked enemies, your ammo will carry an electric charge that deals damage over time to enemies hit.

Camouflage Armband

  • Stealth – After using this skill, the player’s outfit changes to a Ghillie Suit for a period of time. The weapons and backpack on the player’s back will be concealed during this period.
  • Surveillance – A UI tip will appear on the screen if there are any enemies nearby.
  • Breathing Easy – If the player hasn’t taken any damage recently, the player will gradually recover Health.

New Mosin-Nagant weapon and Motor Glider vehicle

PUBG Mobile is also adding a new weapon and a vehicle with the new update. The new Mosin-Nagant is a bolt-action sniper rifle that takes 7.62mm ammo and is as powerful as the Kar98K. Notably, the bullets fly faster and have less damage drop-off, and it can knock out an unarmored enemy with a single shot from a long distance. The Mosin-Nagant will spawn on Erangel and Vikendi, replacing some of the Kar98K rifles.

Players will also get to fly over enemies using the new Motor Gliders. Available on the PC version of the game, motor gliders will be available in Erangel and Miramar and will spawn randomly, just like other vehicles. It is a 2-person vehicle that includes a front seat for the pilot and a back seat where a passenger can shoot from. To hit the skies, the pilot has to press the ascend button to raise the nose once the glider gains enough speed. The fuel consumption on this vehicle is directly related to engine speed, so the faster you fly, the more fuel consumed. So make sure you carry an extra can of fuel before hopping into one.

Metro Royale: Uncovered

The update is also bringing the next chapter for the Metro Royale mode. Once players update all of the in-game resources, the new Metro Royale: Uncover mode should be available, and at the start of the new chapter, your honor, rankings, and inventory in Metro Royale will be reset. With the new chapter, Metro Royale will offer new rewards, and players can accumulate Honor to get AG, permanent finishes, and more rewards. The mode will now include extra elite enemies that will suddenly appear on the battlegrounds. So you need to pay attention to the broadcasts and marks on the map. The new mode also removes the Metro Exodus monsters and Tikhar Rifle, with the enemies now being smarter, along with equipment balancing adjustments.

Clowns’ Tricks Gameplay

As part of the anniversary celebration, a new Clowns’ Tricks gameplay will be available starting March 31. Apart from various graffiti all around the map, a Clown Shop Vehicle will be placed in Erangel. Players will have to collect Clown Tokens and exchange them for items such as combat supplies and special strategic items in the Clown Shop Vehicle. These strategic items offer information about the next Playzone, the next airdrop, and the enemy’s density on the entire map. A new Music Graffiti Wall will also appear next to the Graffiti Square at Spawn Island in Classic Mode Erangel. This is pretty much a gimmick where players can use spray paint on the Music Graffiti Wall to trigger notes to play when the paint is sprayed on the squares.

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