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Android 10 on Metro by T-Mobile

(Topic created on: 02-27-2020 06:43 PM)
Beginner Level 3
Fellow Metro S9 (unlocked) users, have you gotten Android 10 yet? I'm still waiting and supposedly it was supposed to come out on the 23rd according to T-Mobile but I guess that's not happening. Anyone have a date on the release yet?
Beginner Level 5
T-Mobile put the update to a pause the reason is the update has too many bugs and it's breaking so many s9/s9+/note9 phones and they're fixing the update. the update will most likely come out next month for a specific date no one knows 🤷🏻‍♂️
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Thank you for your post. We appreciate your contribution to the Beta community.

Active Level 2
This is such crap. At the moment, I'm still on the ZTA1 beta. Now that most of my apps have updated to support Android 10 and OneUI 2, a lot of them are telling me that my phone is not supported and I have a rough time updating Playstore apps. One day the Playstore says my device status is okay, the next it says I can't use the Playstore because I'm on an unsupported OS, or something to that effect. I don't think I will be buying another Samsung phone for a while. And that says a lot. I own 2 samsung Laptops, 3 samsung smart TV's, and even a samsung washer and dryer set.... The other day my hard drive crashed in my Samsung laptop, and I had to reach out to online support for a system disc. That wasn't too bad, However when I Received the disc and tried to install from it, the installation fails claiming my key is not valid for any versions on the disc. When I reached to support for either a way to clear the bios windows key, or to purchase a new one, they kept insisting I had to send the laptop in to be re-imaged. I was able to resolve the issue myself by buying a windows product key from a seller on Ebay, but it was just a joke that Samsung support would say I have no option but to send it in for re-imaging, because there was some underlying problem.
Active Level 1
yeah my apps keep crashing because of the beta and since theirs no f'ing update I can't even use some of my apps