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The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, the newest true wireless earbuds from Samsung, might be the ones grabbing all the press and user attention right now, but if you can’t afford them, Samsung still has pretty good, albeit slightly older, options. One of them is the Galaxy Buds Plus, Samsung’s successors to the original Galaxy Buds. Despite having been superseded by newer products, they’re still perfectly serviceable wireless earbuds as well as an option everyone in the market for ones should have in mind, and they’re currently going for their lowest price ever.

The Galaxy Buds Pro might not feature active noise cancellation like the Galaxy Buds Live and the Galaxy Buds Pro, two of the subsequently released options in the Galaxy Buds lineup, but they’re amazing options to consider if you don’t care about ANC and just want earbuds with decent battery life and excellent sound quality. The silicone tips do a pretty good job of supplementing the lack of ANC, and 11 hours of continuous battery life is a number very few earbuds makers have managed to get close to, with the charging case providing an additional 11 hours. They also support wireless charging through the case, and for wired connections, a 3-minute top-up gives you one hour of playtime.

It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices alike, comes with internal and external microphones to enhance the quality of your voice during calls, 3 sizes of eartips so you can adjust the fit of your earbuds, and they’re currently available for $99, $50 off their usual $149 price tag and one of the lowest prices, if not the lowest, these earbuds have ever been. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, the newest model in the lineup, are retailing for $199.99 right now, with the best prices being around $179.99. This makes the Galaxy Buds Plus, despite being older, an excellent value proposition. This is your chance to grab one of the best true wireless earbuds currently available.

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