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Latest Galaxy Watch 4 leak points to a slightly larger body

(Topic created on: 05-07-2021 09:02 AM)
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series is likely only a couple of months away at this point, and as the launch gets closer, we’re learning more little tidbits about the device. This week, the model numbers for the entire lineup were uncovered and, alongside that, the size of the Galaxy Watch 4 as well.


Nils Ahrensmeier posted to Twitter earlier this week a collection of model numbers and sizes for the entire Galaxy Watch 4 series. As listed below, these pinpoint the new series as holding the same “SM-R8–” pattern that past Galaxy Watch/Active models have offered up.

What’s interesting about this lineup is that the webpage that Ahrensmeier claims he found the information on also listed the size of each watch. 40mm was the smallest option, but the Galaxy Watch 4 went back up to 46mm, a slight increase in size from the Galaxy Watch 3, which was 45mm.

  • Galaxy Watch 4 (42mm) SM-R880
  • Galaxy Watch 4 (46mm) SM-R890
  • Galaxy Watch Active 4 (40mm) SM-R860
  • Galaxy Watch Active 4 (42mm) SM-R870

report from last month claimed that Samsung was upping the battery capacity of the larger Galaxy Watch 4, but in that case, the claim was that it was within the same 45mm body. With the larger battery, though, this new measurement of 46mm makes just a little bit more sense.

The Galaxy Watch 4 series, Active included, is likely to debut around the same time as Samsung’s upcoming foldable devices. Right now, rumors claim that’ll happen sometime in July.

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