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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

(Topic created on: 04-03-2024 04:12 PM)
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Bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 on 28 Oct 2023. In March 2024 (less than a year). the LCD came out and I sent to the Samsung Service Centre in Gurney Plaza Penang for repairs. After that got a call from Samsung Service Centre telling me there is liquid damage. Asked how is there liquid damage since I only wear the watch only when I go out. I had never wore the watch for swimming, bathing or washing dishes. And he is not able to tell me. And I asked about the detached LCD, and he said wear and tear. I was very surprised at such shoddy product. In less than a year the LCD came out! He said I am not able to claim on the warranty due to the liquid damage but he is not able to tell me how the liquid damage came about. Maybe I should complain to the Consumer Tribunal with regard to such shoddy product and Samsung would not honor the warranty given.