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Samsung Notes

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I cannot open my Samsung Notes folder which secured with locked password which I set before. Please help me to solve this problem so I can access it again. Thanks.

Mobile Hotspot problem

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Hello everyone, I'm using Samsung Galaxy A21s. I got a problem of Hotspot and it does not connect to other Hotspot so, please somebody suggest me...!!

tab s7+

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Sim crad baru tapii tidak terbaca dan tidak berfungsi adakah pengguna tab s7+ mengalami kendala yg sama (gagal membaca sim crad)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Keyboard Cover Resolved!

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Does anyone have the same issue as I do where the 1. [SHIFT + 2] comes out " instead of @2. [SHIFT + '] comes out @ instead of "3. [SHIFT + 3] comes out £ instead of 4. [SHIFT + \] comes out ~ instead of |5. Pressing \ comes out # instead of \6. [SHI...

Posted by: iamaml
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