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Manage & prevent overnight over-charging through Bixby Routine

(Topic created on: 04-20-2022 08:46 AM)
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Hi All, I like to share my thoughts on managing your battery charging through automation by means of Bixby Routine..

If you have the habit of leaving your phone to charge overnight and yet you are also worry about the overcharging issue that can bring to your battery, please see below steps.

1.) enable Bixby Routine
 1a.) Search "Bixby Routine" in Settings. Enable this function and open it from Settings.
 1c.) You may also need to go Galaxy Store to see if there is any latest update to this apps. Download and install it, where applicable

2.) Open "My Rountines" on the bottom-right corner of the screen

3.) Various people have different timing requirement, but you may change it accordingly to your needs:
 3a.) Under "IF" condition tap on "+" icon, to add "Charging Status = Charging"
 3b.) Under "IF" condition again tap on "+" icon, to add "Time Period = <<start time -usually the time I start to sleep or I know the 
 battery level will not be able to reach 85% by Start Time>> and <<end time - 30 mins before I usually leave the house as it takes 
 about 30 mins to full charge>>

4.) Under "THEN" condition, select and tap on Protect Battery.This option automatically will stop charging at 85% by definition set by Samsung.

5.) Under "When Routine Ends" section, select and tap "Protect Battery". This condition will disable Protect Battery and charging will resume. PS: my observation on my phone that it needs 30 mins to charge from 85% to 100 %.

The scenario goes like:

I plug in my phone to charge at say 10.30 pm at a level of 25%. My Start Time for Bixby Routine is 11 pm. I know clearly that my battery level will not reach 85% (because of Protect Battery feature) by 11 pm. So when Bixby Routine kick-in at 11 pm, this feature will start Protect Battery function between 11 pm and 5.30 am the following day (End Time). During this time, my battery will continue charging and will stop when it reaches 85% level until 5.30 am

When the time past 5.30 am (my End Time), charging will resume. This function refers to the action Point 5.

Hope you like this features and Like this post. I didn't see any YouTuber, etc sharing features like this and so I like to share this to all to take advantage of the potential of Bixby Routines.

Thanks and enjoy
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Nice... Bixby routines are good... I am using a few standard routines like seamless connection and power saving mode if I fall asleep without connecting my phone to a charger...