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Community User Guide

(Topic created on: 04-23-2021 04:44 PM)
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Community Guidelines

Samsung Members Community User Guide  MAR 2021


  1. Welcome to the Samsung Members Community


(Introduction to the Community)

  • Welcome to the Samsung Members Community! We want this to be a place where everyone feels free to join conversations and share their experiences about Samsung products, services and beyond. We hope this place to be a place in which all of us share candid opinions and thoughts with one another, so that the place is fun to visit, useful to know, pleased to be heard, and proud to participate. Like any other communities, there are rules to be followed and necessary restrictions which would be inevitably imposed. However, we believe the place could be fun! Just make sure that you stick to the rules.


  • After registering for the Samsung Members community using your Samsung Account, you will be able to write a post both in the app or web environment. Let’s write a topic that is fun and exciting!


  • The community has user levels implemented to recognize your presence in the community! There are 20 levels in total, divided into three different categories.

* ‘Expert Level 5’ is the highest level and ‘Beginner Level 1’ is the lowest level


Rank Name


Expert Level 5

Expert Level 4

Expert Level 3

Expert Level 2

Expert Level 1


Active Level 10

Active Level 9

Active Level 8

Active Level 7

Active Level 6

Active Level 5

Active Level 4

Active Level 3

Active Level 2

Active Level 1


Beginner Level 5

Beginner Level 4

Beginner Level 3

Beginner Level 2

Beginner Level 1


  • Notes on Level Categories
    • Expert: Based on your community activities, such as posts, comments, and accepted solutions authored, you will get the chance to become an expert level user.
    • Active: Based on your community activities, such as posts, comments, and accepted solutions authored, your will get the chance to become an active level user.
    • Beginner: You will automatically become ‘Beginner Level 1’ once you register. You will level up based on passive activities, such as log-ins, viewing posts. However, if you actively participate in the community – writing posts, comments and etc. – you will get the chance to become ‘Active Level 1’ directly!


  • There are badges in place to recognize your community activities as well! Unlike levels, badges will recognize specific activities done by you, such as writing man number of posts. You may also get special badges for your participation in specific events, such as Galaxy Unpacked, and in community based competitions, such as best photo contest. Stay tuned on what badges you get!


  • Each community category serves a different purpose. Make sure that you write your questions or opinions in the right category for your topic. By writing in relevant categories, you will be able to get right answers, from Samsung or other users, faster.


  • You can ‘Like’ a post or comment. Use this function to interact with your peers. J


  • The community has a function named ‘accepted solutions’ and this function exists to differentiate outstanding answers to posts. If you post a question on the community, and another user leaves a solution as a comment, you will be able to accept that reply as an ‘accepted solution’. By accepting a comment as a solution, your post will have the ‘resolved’ mark, making it stand out from different posts and comments. Please make sure that you choose solutions prudently and candidly so as to help others to spot quality answers faster. Let’s actively participate in answering questions and get the chance to become the author of solutions!



(Rights of a User)


  • You have the rights to 1) ask relevant questions 2) retrieve answers from Samsung or another user, and 3) express valid opinions and enter healthy discussions



(Obligations of a User)

  • Samsung does not guarantee quality and accuracy of all answers provided by other users. It is the responsibility of the user to carefully consider whether to trust an answer provided.


  • It is also required that users provide adequate information in trying a post.


  • Always consider and regard others in participating in the community


  • In seeing an abusive action, please do report the post or comment.




  1. DO NOTs


(General Violations)


  • Exposing Private Information: in writing content, make sure that you do not expose Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of you or others. PII includes but not limited to:
    • Your full name
    • Your telephone number
    • Your mailing address
    • Your email address
    • Your credit card number(s)
    • Government issued identification number
    • Transaction histories
    • Phone unique information (i.e. IMEI)
    • Other information that can be used to trace your or other’s personal information


  • Using the community for commercial purposes: in community, you are not allowed to 1) sell products and services, 2) advertise products and services, or 3) conduct surveys for commercial purposes.


  • Conducting deceptive behaviors: below are examples of deceptive actions but not limited to:
    • Misrepresent him/herself as a Samsung representative
    • Provide untruthful or misleading answers to other users’ posts
    • Create a multiple number of accounts and pretend that the accountholders are different people


  • Uploading meaningless and spam content repeatedly: if you write more than two exactly the same posts or more than three very similar posts, the action is a violation.


  • Expressing political point of view: you should refrain from writing opinions on political issues, nor expressing hatred towards a certain political party. In addition, even though this is an open community for open discussions, you should also refrain from discussing inter-state or war crime issues, such as Senkaku Islands territorial disputes or Nazi symbols.


  • Authoring vague posts: you should write your opinions or questions clearly and not create random phrases that on one would be able to understand.


  • Excessively quoting others’ writings: you should generate content by yourself and refrain from quoting too much of others’ texts.


  • Disseminating false rumors: you cannot write about rumors that are false or not proven to be true, for the action can be misleading.


  • Making unjust criticisms: you cannot criticize others inhumanely just for the sake of criticism.



(Severe Violations)


  • Using abusive and discriminatory expressions: below are specification but not limited to:
    • Use of words that are slanderous, abusive, vulgar, hateful, and etc.
    • Use of words that are sexually, ethnically, or generally discriminatory.


  • Organizing riots or terrors: you are not allowed to organize protests or any other violent activities within the community.


  • Spreading malware, malicious code, or illegal software: you should fully refrain from uploading malicious software or providing links to such items.


  • Uploading unethical content: it is never allowed, in the community, to upload content that is unethical. Below are some examples.
    • Profanity
    • Pornography (including flesh exposures)
    • Assertive (contains violence or atrocity)
    • Drugs
    • Other illegal content


  • Infringing intellectual capitals of others: it is strictly forbidden to infringe intellectual capitals such as intellectual property rights by uploading or copying content of others.




  1. Rules on Imposing Restrictions to the Community Use



(Treatment Rules on Content that Violates the Community Rules)


  • Content can be have limited exposure (i.e. only shown to users 19 or above), if the content is not suitable for minors.


  • Content can be deleted based on the severity of the violation.



(General Rules for Users)

  • Based on the number of violations, below actions will be taken.
    • 1st Violation: The ID will be suspended for 7 days.
    • 2nd Violation: The ID will be suspended for 30 days.
    • 3rd Violation: The ID will be suspended for 90 days.
    • 4th Violation: The ID will be suspended for 180 days.
    • 5th Violation: The ID will be suspended permanently

        ※ You would not be able to restore your account once suspended permanently.



(Special Rules for Users)


  • If the violation is severe enough, stronger restrictions can be imposed no matter the number of violations committed.



(Principles on counting the number of violations)


  • Minor violations: unless the case is severe, count a violation as one violation, in accordance with the general rules


  • Severe Violations: based on the severity, stronger restrictions can be imposed for the number of violations committed, in accordance with the special rules




  1. Contact Point


  • Should you have any further questions or inquiries, please contact

(Complaint on the restrictions can also be made through the contact point.)




Thank you.