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Remote Service

(Topic created on: 06-22-2021 06:45 PM)
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Hi everyone, how do I contact Samsung for the help of finding out what happened to my hacked accounts and remoted devices? My previous mobiles were bought by my husband, and since we are in process of divorcement, I realized that my devices were remoted. I am using different mobile brand before, but Im pretty sure that my husband did something on my accounts, I blocked his contact and saw that he is joining a whatsapp call conversation while I was talking to someone.. Screenrecord is also installed automatically, and some whatsapp msgs coming from Singapore and India appears in my whatsapp, and suddenly it was all gone.. Since we were in process of divorcement, Im sure that he hired an investigation to check my whereabouts and activities, well of course after he deleted his unpleasant msgs and photos I kept to use against him for divorcement.. So, I want to request to check my accounts if it was accessed by him.. Nevermind about the devices owned by him, but I guess he is not supposed to access the accounts that doesnt belong to him... Hope someone can advise me..
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Why so scared about youre accounts if you had nothing to hide let him see it and you said you are on the process of divorce seems like you have a lot of things to explain whats up is end to end encryption why worry everything you do in youre phone are recorded and kept by the provider it cant be erase if youre husband somehow got access to it hope and pray you got nothing to hide because he can use it against you legally