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15% Student Discount in Philippines

(Topic created on: 03-18-2023 09:57 AM)
Beginner Level 5
Galaxy A
Hello Samsung! I just recently discovered that there is 15% discount in the Samsung page and I am wondering if is it only applicable in online store?

Can I use the 15% discount using my school email in a physical store like SM Stores in the Philippines?

If yes, what phones are available in 15% discount?

I am planning to buy A53 5G or the new A54 5G.

Thank you.
Galaxy A
Unless it is stated on your school that you can do it on a physical store. There is a high chance no, especially on SM. As a that is a seperate company. 😊
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@Earther can you share the link here where you read about that? I'm also curious. 🤔
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Thanks! This is exclusive only via their Samsung Education Store (which is online), and not applicable in any physical store. This is similar to their employee discount store.
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Hello Earther,

Thanks for your inquiry and keen interest in the discount being offered for students in the Samsung online shop.

And yes, this is only available and being offered through the Samsung online shop, as per Manny_Cavalier's statement.


To learn more, you may click the link below. 


For more assistance and guidance, you may contact us via our online Samsung Customer Care support channels below. 

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