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A54 overheating issues and microphone intermittent issues

(Topic created on: 02-07-2024 11:07 AM)
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Dear community, I bought an A54 for my cousin recently. H elaready start facing 2 issues.

1. overheating. watch youtube, take photo, etc will make the phone very hot. even casual usage will make phone warm, which doesn't feel normal. did anybody encounter this already?

2. microphone doesn't seem to work, anybody have this issue? it seems to be intermittent, but i haven't find the scenario yet, again did anybody encounter it?

thanks in advance.

***I myself on A71, had the intermittent microphone issue, and it was resolved completely after disabling all Bixby related issues.. I had advised the same to my cousin, waiting for him to revert if it fixes his issue.