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I Have A Samsung A12. My Phone Is Supported To Download The Android 12 (One Ui 4) Update. I was Supposed to receive the update on June As it shows in the list but I have still not received any updates for my device I have been looking for news in the Sammy Fans App But Fortunately Found Nothing. I WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE THE UPDATES BY THIS MONTH.This kind of issue wouldn't happen in a S Series Phones
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Yes, Samsung A12 is in the list for Android 12 and One UI 4. Just be patient. Chillax.

FYI, Samsung software update is actually come base on batch by batch. Meaning some country will receive it earlier and some might be a little bit late. This is normal and is a trend for Samsung for many years. Don't have to be worry because you will surely get the update. 

Even a Samsung S series, the update are also the same. It will be release batch by batch. Or you can say it like market by market. 

Chill ya.

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you'll get the updates soon. don't worry
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Dont worry, sure u can got it👍🤩