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Biogesic a15 5g

(Topic created on: 02-17-2024 10:58 PM)
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Galaxy A
I purchase my samsung a15 5g last jan 4, 2024. In sm north annex. Buying a new smartphone was once fill of joy & happiness. 
After that 7 days warranty replacemant. Nightmare started to begin. A heat ups & ghost touch started a problem. I immediately call on samsung hotline. Just to informed the situation because of work. Its not so easy to go back to the mall. I was advise to go to samsung grand central. First it was a bit shock having their. Stating the problem and show the video that happen to my phone. But it was denied..
Only the technician is allow to say if your phone is good or not. They do to my phone. Software update. Staff at that store doesnt even hear a greetings. Good morning. The feeling that you are not welcome & blaming about your phone problem. 
I called the samsung customer hotline again that I will not going back to that store. 
I go to sm annex. My 2nd store to fix my phone. From that experience that happen to other store. I stated again the problem of my phone. I said that heat ups & ghost touch is the problem. I show the video & application of heat ups that reach 47°c temp. Saddly it was another denied. They stated they have the technician is the only one will say that your phone is broken or not. My phone stayed for almost 1 week nobody called or sms me. When I called just to ask the status of my phone. Thats the time I receive an sms. They forgot. Again for the 2nd time another software upgrade. Im very angry but I have to calm down for this headache. I get my phone and again for the time. Another video of ghost touch I made just to prove that my phone is having a problem. 
For almost 4 days. They change the lcd. If only the first time it was anticipated they replace the broken part of the phone it was easily and problem is solve fast. 
If my phone will bring another problem. I will go to TULFO and DTI. For not having a good phone that I buy. And for not listening properly the samsung technician about problem. 
Again I happy when I buy this phone. 
And Im not stupid to make such stories about problem. 
I have my family to spend time. Not to go to that samsung service center. 6x times..
Samsung having an update to their mobile phones. 
Samsung must also focus to thier staff regarding customer service. Some doesnt even know on how a simple greetings and properly expIanation about issue on mobile...
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Galaxy A
Too bad to hear your story, thou that is an isolated case. Hoping you could still recover in your untowards galaxy experience, which we all do enjoy. Sorry for your bad experience and time to move on. Enjoy your phone to the fullest.😎