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(Topic created on: 09-06-2023 04:29 PM)
Beginner Level 3
Galaxy A
Why is my call automatically forwarded to other sim card when I never even activated the call forwarding feature? I don't even know who's number is the one the call is forwarded to? And I can't even disable it? I tried restarting my phone, reinstalling my simcard, and even reseting my network settings but nothing solved the issue. What am I going to do? 
Galaxy A

Hello Faith12345,

Thanks for letting us know your experience with your beloved Samsung Galaxy A72 having issues with the call forwarding feature that automatically forwarded to other SIM card when in fact this feature is not even activated on your phone. Even trying out by yourself the troubleshooting steps that you could possible do, the issue remains and you cannot disable it also. I feel you and understand where your frustration is coming from as you are worried for a device you've take care so much and the incoming calls that you might have missed. If my device is facing similar experience, I will be bothered too.

Before you try the recommendations below, be sure to check if your device's software and related apps are updated to the latest version. To update your mobile device's software, follow these steps: 

Step 1. Go to Settings > Software update.

Step 2. Tap on Download and install.

Step 3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 4. Restart your device.


Call forwarding enables incoming calls to be directed to a different phone number. To enable or disable the call forwarding feature, follow the easy steps shown below.

The call forwarding feature is used to transfer calls to another number when the phone is: 

  • Busy
  • Unanswered
  • Unreachable


Step 1. Launch the 'Phone' app.

Step 2. Tap on the 'More' options icon (three dots).  

Step 3. Tap 'Settings' and Scroll down to 'Supplementary Services'.

Step 4.  Tap call forwarding from SIM1 or SIM2.

Step 5. Tap 'Voice Calls'.

Step 6. Choose when to forward a call from any of these options:

  • Always forward
  • Forward when busy
  • Forward when unanswered
  • Forward when unreachable

Step 7.  Enter the contact number that you would like the calls to be forwarded to.

Step 8.  Once complete tap on the 'Enable' button.

To disable tap forward when busy. Tap 'Disable'


If that doesn't solve the issue, you may submit an error report through the Samsung Members app as follows:


Step 1. Launch the Samsung Members app, and then tap the Support icon for more options.

Step 2. Scroll and select Error reports.

Step 3. Choose a category of your concern. Select "Call/Message".

Step 4. Choose the frequency of the issue you are experiencing. Enter issue details or attach a video or screenshot. Then press Send icons to complete the report. 


And if the issue persists, you may bring your device to the nearest Authorized Samsung Service Center in your area. Rest assured that your device will undergo a diagnosis to pinpoint the root cause of the issue. Our team of Samsung engineers and technicians will guide you and offer solutions to restore it.


or book an appointment with the Samsung Members app as follows:

Support > Book an appointment to set one.


Should you need further assistance and guidance, you may contact us via our  Samsung Customer Care support channels below.

#GALAXY or #425299 [Mobile Phones & Tablets]
Available 24/7
1-800-10-7267864 [All Product, Toll Free, PLDT]
1-800-8-7267864 [All Product, Toll Free, Globe]
842 221 11 [All Product, Landline]
Daily (8:00am to 8:00pm)
Be sure to click "ACCEPT AS SOLUTION" when you find our answers helpful to you.
Stay safe and have a nice day ahead! Thanks for contacting Samsung.
Beginner Level 3
Galaxy A
It still doesn't resolved the issue. It only says "Failed to read data". What am I going to do? Screenshot_20230921_010840_Call settings.jpgScreenshot_20230921_010903_Call settings.jpg
Beginner Level 3
Galaxy A
Whenever I end a call, my call will be forwarded to an unknown number. My family even got scared when a man answered when they called me. Please help.
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy A

Is there any solution to that? I have the same problem with my NEW Galaxy flip 5