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Galaxy A71 5G is still the most balanced 5G smartphone even after Galaxy A72 5G

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In the last couple of years, Samsung has stepped up its game on the mid-range smartphones front, revamping its Galaxy A series for more budget-oriented consumers. Of all the smartphones in the Galaxy A series, though, none have stood out as much as the Galaxy A71 5G. With a price tag of $350, the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G is the company’s top-end mid-range handset, and with good reason.


To provide some context, Samsung first revamped the Galaxy A series back in 2019, with the introduction of the Galaxy A20, Galaxy A50, and Galaxy A70, followed by the innovative Galaxy A80 and flagship Galaxy A90 5G. However, given their higher price tags, both the Galaxy A80 and A90 5G didn’t receive successors, allowing Samsung to focus on the other more accessible handsets. What followed in 2020 was the Galaxy A21, A41, A51, and A71. But as the 5G trend took center stage in 2020, the demand for 5G-enabled smartphones grew, and out of that demand came one of the best, if not the best all-round phone in Samsung’s arsenal, the Galaxy A71 5G.

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