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One U.I 6.1 on Galaxy A55

(Topic created on: 05-24-2024 04:51 AM)
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Galaxy A
I discovered some fun features that I think some people may really enjoy. This goes out to all my casual photographers. We've all had moments where there's a photo bomber in a picture we took and say it's been days and we can't retake the shot to make it better. Well fret no more since especially with the latest update, you can now remove any unwanted people, item, or branding in the picture. Object eraser is really a fun addition in my opinion but disclaimer that it looks obvious something was photoshopped if the object you're trying to remove is a big part of the picture. It works best on small things like ID or pens.For reference I attached two before and after pictures for comparison.



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Fun fact! Object Eraser has been around since One UI 3.1, actually! It was first expanded to the 2020 flagships coming from the S21s and then later to other devices as well. It is basically Galaxy AI's Generative Edit's great, great, great old grandfather!20240524_202431_1000003122_1716553471.png