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One UI 4 Android 12 Software Update

(Topic created on: 11-29-2021 11:24 PM)
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Hello po sa mga naka-update na 😊 ano po ang inyong experience about the new software update on Android 12 
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Go guys! Share it with us. 😍

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There are many features in one ui 4 (I'm still running one ui 3.1 on my phone)
(It's just based on what I watched about one ui 4)
Like I said, there are new features in one ui 4.
Like the color palette. This will make the ui's color match to your phone's wallpaper. And it's great if you use background photos. Not selfies. And the settings where you set the notch is back! Wait, do you know that?
And another. This is my favorite. About the device maintenance. There is a expression there (let's say emoji) it expresses how bad or good is your device. Like when it's 60 percent , the emoji looks like this 🙁. When it's at 100 percent, the emoji looks like this 🙂. Kinda scary tho. And there would be a new set of emojis too. There is a new change to the widgets. The edges will look round. That's just the things I saw. Let's just hope that this update will be good.