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One ui 4 update

(Topic created on: 07-11-2022 10:35 AM)
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So sad cause some samsung device that support android 12 not receive any update. Many expensive samsung smartphone have receive one ui 4.1. One ui 5 now in beta.  My smartphone use one ui 3 and one ui 3 have many bugs. Samsung,pls fix this and give an update.i dont want to wait 
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i believe it's not about bugs, it's about optimisation. follow my method here:

• turn off usage data access for one UI

Settings > search usage data > turn off for one UI

• download galaxy apps booster apk


• reduce animation blur
settings > accessibility > visibility enhancement > turn on 'reduce transparency and blur'

• unrestrict One UI
settings > apps > search one UI > battery > select unrestricted