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Please support Game Booster on Samsung Galaxy A14 5G (US Version)

(Topic created on: 04-06-2023 02:37 AM)
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Galaxy A

I noticed after launching the Game Launcher application on my newly bought Samsung A14 5G, Game Booster isn't supported. Some tech reviewers previewed that this device was supported and immediately thought that this was an easy buy for me but alas, I found out after checking in the Samsung Galaxy Store that it wasn't. Please do have it updated and supported, as most 2023 budget phones on this price range perform better with such feature and that the phone I have transitioned from also have the same feature despite being on the lower-end. I hope this can be noticed soon.

Galaxy A

Hello Members_mdPA2DV,

We are sorry to hear about your experience with your newly bought Samsung A14 5G and that you thought the Game Booster was supported based on some tech reviews but turned out it was not. Unfortunately, not every device supports Game Booster.

Really appreciate the feedback you are sharing with us here. Thanks for your suggestions and appreciate the time and effort you put in to share your valuable comments. This helps us improve our products, apps, and services towards enhancing the Samsung Galaxy experience for all.

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Game booster ruin gaming experience by reducing performance to save battery health. I actually disable it and all pre-installed gaming optimization services and related apps. It reduces fps most of the times. I have Galaxy M33 but decided to disable all of it.