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Samsung Galaxy A51 - Problems After Android 13 Upgrade

(Topic created on: 01-20-2023 08:19 PM)
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Dear Users,

Samsung have offered Android 13 upgrades to Galaxy A51 owners. However, there is shortfall in Android 13 upgrade that does not happen in earlier Android 12 version.

Users cannot use *#2263# to selectively select single band of LTE network only to filter out 2G network band and 3G network band. It renders your phone unable to make outgoing phone calls or receive incoming phone calls. This use to work in earier Android 12 version. 

I had to re-do *#2263# to switch the network selection to automatic in order to receive and make outgoing phone calls once again. Does anyone know how to turn around with this ?

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After i update my samsung a51 on andorid 13, the multi touch of my phone isn't working properly, like if you play mobile legends the you can't control your game in two hands if two hands its ghost touching