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Software update

(Topic created on: 04-25-2022 07:55 PM)
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Galaxy A
hello, just wanna ask po kung bakit kaya ganon... sa iOS mabilis mag labas software update, while sa Samsung antagal. i heard may lalabas na naman sa iOS which is IOS 16 daw samantalang iba saatin nag aantay pa rin Android 12. 
Galaxy A
answer android 13 is in beta phase already , mind you android is propretiery of google which controls it and supports many brand whereas iphone only for ios hopefully samsung will have its own os.
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Galaxy A
Technically, iOS is owned by Ape hence mabilis po silang mag-release ng SW since Apple devices lang po supported nila. Si Samsung po kasi, naka-depend kay Google since it's Android. And it will also depend kay Network Provider din po since SW is being scheduled by network providers for release.
Galaxy A
thank you ate 🙌🏼