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Back-up all files from Galaxy J6 to Cloud Storage

(Topic created on: 02-06-2022 02:24 AM)
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I just wanna make sure that all of my files are properly back-up.

The available free cloud storage for all samsung phone are Samsung Cloud (5GB) , Google Drive (15GB) and Microsoft One Drive (5GB).

A. Samsung Cloud back-up your Bluetooth, Notes, Reminder, Pass and Internet Bookmarks, etc., as well as Call logs, Messages, Contacts and Calendar saved on phone, Clock, Settings, Home screen, Apps and Voice Recordings.

To set-up your back-up: Settings 》Accounts and Backup 》Backup and Restore 》Select 'Back up Data' under Samsung Account 》Toggle all Files 》Click Backup Now

* Toggle on auto backup while roaming.

B. Google Drive back-up your Apps, Photos and Videos, Call History, SMS Messages, Device Settings and Google Account Data, such as Tasks, Contacts and People Details, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, and other Google apps (Play, Movie & TV).

To set-up your back-up: Settings 》Accounts and Backup 》Accounts 》Preferres Google Account 》Sync Account 》Toggle On all files for Backup 》Click (...) 》Click Sync Now

To set-up your back-up pictures and videos in Google Photos:

Apps》Google Photos》Click Profile》Photos Settings》Backup and Sync》Back up device folder》Toggle On all folders to back up

*Your phone backs up automatically over Wifi after it has been idle and charging for two hours.

C. Microsoft OneDrive sync your Videos and Photos only. Documents can access offline if uploaded in OneDrive via Google Drive.

To set-up your file syncronization:

Apps 》OneDrive 》Select 'Me' 》Settings 》Gallery Sync 》Sync Now for photos and videos.

Apps》Gallery 》Click (...) 》Gallery Settings 》Sync with One Drive

*Sync and Backup are two different things. In sync, delete a file in Gallery and it will also delete the same file in OneDrive (vis-a-versa). Gallery items in your SD Card can't be sync with OneDrive. Move these items in internal storage to sync them.

In general, it is best practice to monitor the available space in google drive for your important files, and, later, your samsung cloud for your phones data backup. One Drive can only be used for photos and videos only, and these items can be retrive also via google photos.

(1) DUPLICATION: Since we have samsung, google and microsoft account as virtual file storage, does it mean that we could have a duplicate copy of a certain file, e.g. photos, messages and calendar?

(2) SYNC ISSUE: If I lost my phone, and do FDR via FindMyMobile, does my file will also deleted if my phone has auto-sync and connected in internet?

(3) MANUAL UPLOAD: All files on phone's internal storage can be backup using the above set-up, on the other hand, all files stored in MicroSD card can only be back-up manually in your personal computers. Is it correct? I think Google Photos also backup files in microSD card.

(4) MULTIPLE ACCOUNT: I'm planning to create multiple google and microsoft accounts just to avail more free cloud storage. Will they allow it? Please advise if I will going to use same phone and email recovery to these file, will I be charge for fee later?

(5) DOCUMENT BACK-UP: How to back-up other files automatically via wifi, e.g. pc software; audio files, e.g. mp3 and mp4; and document; e.g. docx, xlsx, pub, pdf and other file extension including other older versions? It looks like all these files, can only be backup if uploaded manually in google drive. (I store some receipts and contract in phone in pdf format, but I did uploaded it every weekend, not in real-time.)

Thank you for answering my questions, and providing additional info on to-do things in backup files.

Galaxy J
google and samsung will follow latest backedup files.
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