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How to Remove Biometrics with Forgotten Password?

(Topic created on: 01-15-2022 02:42 PM)
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Galaxy J
Any tips on how I remove my fingerprint and face recognition in biometrics? It's been five years since I bought my Samsung J6 phone and those security featyres no longer recognize even the owner. 😂

Then, the twist is I cannot remember if I change my password. The password that used when the saleslady set up my phone's account is also can not be recognize.

I just remove the old Samsung Account and create another one using different gmail account, and register my phone using another phone number in FindMyDevice web.

Can I still remove the biometric entries with the new Samsung Account?
Galaxy J
Yes you can try.
Galaxy J
Oh... I finally remove the data... all this time, I thought that the password it always ask is my old email password.... It was actually my current Phone unlock password. Thanks for encouragement. 🤣
Galaxy J
Great , again rule of thumb dont forget your login details.

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