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Complaint regarding recent software update causing green line issue and unfair pricing for overseas

(Topic created on: 11-17-2023 07:10 AM)
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Dear Samsung Customer Support,


I am writing to express my deep disappointment and frustration with the recent software update on my Samsung phone, which has resulted in a persistent green line on the display. I visited the Woodlands branch Samsung Service Center to seek assistance with this issue, but I was extremely dissatisfied with the service I received.


Upon explaining the problem to the staff at the service center, they immediately concluded that it was an LCD problem without even consulting a technician. I insisted that they at least have the technician examine the phone before jumping to conclusions, as many other users have reported experiencing the same issue after the software update. However, my request was disregarded, and they maintained that it was a hardware problem.


To my dismay, the technician later confirmed that it was indeed a hardware issue. However, I was informed that because my phone was purchased overseas, I would be charged $450 for the repair, whereas local customers facing the same green line problem would only have to pay $54. This pricing discrepancy is both unjust and unreasonable. The staff member, Fitri, explained that the higher cost was due to the need to source parts from overseas for my device. I fail to understand why the Singapore Samsung Center justifies this significant price difference by claiming that the parts needed for the repair are sourced from overseas. If the problem is identical and affects both local and overseas phones, it is illogical to impose such a substantial financial burden solely on customers with overseas devices.


This explanation does not make sense to me. If both local and overseas devices are experiencing the same problem, why should overseas customers be burdened with higher repair costs? Software updates do not differentiate between local and overseas devices, so it is unfair to expect overseas customers to bear the additional expense for a problem that arose after a mandatory software update.


When I was talking to Fitri and other colleagues their behaviour and even spoke other language to each other in Malay in-front of me has shows  that Samsung is aware of the recent surge in green line issues following the software update. Local customers are offered a solution by paying a significantly lower fee, which implies that Samsung recognizes the software as the cause of the problem. However, overseas customers are being treated differently, despite facing the same issue.


Furthermore, Fitri insisted that overseas phones require parts from overseas and cannot use local parts. However, this contradicts the fact that both local and overseas devices are experiencing the same problem. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the parts used for the $450 repair are indeed sourced from overseas. This lack of transparency raises concerns about the integrity of the repair process and whether customers are receiving value for their payment.


I find it deeply troubling that Samsung appears to prioritize protecting its image and brand over providing fair and equitable solutions to its customers. If, hypothetically, 5000 local customers are paying $54 each, the company would only be receiving $270,000. In contrast, if the same number of overseas customers were charged $450 each, the company would be earning $2,250,000. This significant difference in revenue raises questions about the company's motives and whether it is exploiting customers for financial gain.


Furthermore, I am deeply concerned that Samsung may be misrepresenting the issue as a hardware problem when it could potentially be a software-related glitch. It is disheartening to think that Samsung would prioritize protecting its image and brand over providing genuine assistance to its loyal customers. I believe that if the problem is indeed software-related, the company should take responsibility and offer free assistance to all affected customers, regardless of the origin of their devices.


I implore Samsung to reconsider its approach to this issue. If the problem is indeed caused by the software update, it is a global issue that affects all users, regardless of their location. Samsung should take responsibility for its software and provide a resolution that does not place an unfair financial burden on its customers.


I kindly request that you thoroughly investigate this matter and provide a satisfactory resolution. I believe it is in Samsung's best interest to prioritize customer satisfaction and maintain its reputation as a reliable and customer-centric company.


I look forward to your prompt response and a resolution to this issue.





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It is a hardware damage. This is why when you update your samsung dont connect it to a charger charged it first at least 50 percent. Dont put it on hot enviroment when installing the update keep it cool down when installing the update.
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same issue with my note20 ultra