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Hi samsung~ not sure if I am too dump could find the function or you are still not that humanise at your UI. 
Would like to know.. "how could we take photos and it added to a new folder by time or day AUTOmatically" . Now only selfie photos will auto added into selfie folder. 

when human turn up the camera and take photos, meaning there is an event going on AT THE TIME/hours, the next time turn on again, could be hours or days after. Therefore, photos or video taken at the time/period should be auto put in a new folder by time or date so we can rename the folder during free time like "cousin birthday", "sister wedding", "Google talk events" "TED company event" etc... This also easy for everyone cut and paste to their computer or during synchronization. Instead of all photos goes to the camera folder only, making time wasted to select, move, create, name it... many steps. especially human won't do that everyday or week. Sum up tons of photos need to be sorted and move manually. 

I stick with your brand because of the connectivity, conveniences and stylish design, that even drive me purchase your products from oversea if is not selling in Malaysia. I believed most people would do the same to honour a brand. But from time to time, friends and I started losing faith at your connectivity and convenience UI. You always promote TV with casting, no one would cast all photos but Only photos in a folder. 

When my DJI drone, CCTV cam, DSLR cameras.... can crate folder and all photo of the day will be under it Or new photos auto into a folder by date for easy organize, but you can't. Pls don't make us disappointed again. Competitors are growing... new hardware launch is not the era, humanise is. 

(Still very impressed how Huawei fully utilize it, one good example, the front camera if detected someone behind you, notification popping msg will hide the contents. Instead you only use it for unlock and selfie, not fully utilize the front cam)
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Good feedaback bro.
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Assalamualaikum , very lovely good afternoon everyone. My past in touch with Samsung Ltd still good till now. In their concern for customer after you buy full set. Tidak pernah mengecewakan . Lain2 jenama lain2 keistimewaan nya. Samsung Manje . Layanlah gadget anda seperti kita nak belai diri kita juga. Maka jagalah product dia sebaik-baiknya macam mana kita jaga diri kita juga . Pengendalian yang simple dan mudah janganlah dirumitkan . New hardware upgrade software ke,launch patch level sudah termaktub ; bergantung kepada setiap Feedback dari kita juga. Kalau dulu2 2tahun warranty tapi untuk era 2020 setakat 6bulan sahaja bergantung kepada apa yang kita nak melalui survey . Kita dah turunkan tandatangan kan 🥰 Trademark Jenama kan tak sama 🤭