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The Note 9 that Globe gave me 2 yrs ago has been out of contract. I requested Globe thru GlobeOne app for it to be unlocked and it was successful. Problem was its software version was stuck to Android 9, UI 1, all throughout the contract period, much to my envy of other units. I once requested Samsung online for updating, and the tip that they gave me (Switch) didn't work at all, and their other instruction to visit Globe was difficult, considering the long lines at the mall, etc.
One day, I happen to pass by a Samsung boutique and I tried my luck to request for a software updating. Thankfully, the staff were very accommodating; they accepted my unit and I was told to come back after an hour... and voila! I was handed back a revitalized SG N9, on Android 10 UI 2.1!!!
And the procedure was provided free of charge by the guys at that Samsung store!
And TODAY, there was an OTA update that I accepted - after a long, thrilling wait, voila! The version is now: 


This looks even more updated than my N20U 🙂