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Spen on SG NOTE 10+

(Topic created on: 06-27-2022 06:40 AM)
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Galaxy Note
In so disappointed right now. Last aug 2021 my screen went back anf I dont know what happened.  I wasnt dropped or anything. Just one morning when I was my way home I suddenly turn to back. I reset it, I just observed some rainbow color on it. And no more response. I still charge the phone even though it has no display. The alam still rings. Just this month, e able to raise 16k or 300 usd for screen replacement in the PHilippines. In my surprise, the spen no longer useful. It didnt take selfie, it never response to camera gesture. As in i just a trash. And I ask samsung representative they say the feature was gone at samsung note 10? It this really true? Is this samsung now? Get our money ??, and leave us  with thia **bleep** mess? Any one can help how to bring back spen gesture in camera. I already thrin on all the setting ang its still not functioning. 
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Hi, ivan101!

I'm truly sorry for what happened to your S Pen and phone. Did you discover your issue with your S Pen when using it with your phone or another phone? The S Pen features (like the Air Action gestures you've mentioned) will only work on a phone with the same model as your phone. If your S Pen still didn't work on a phone with the same model as yours, you'll need to replace it. You can find an S Pen replacement at one of our Service centers. You can use this link to find the nearest in your location:

Sometimes, there might be some factors that interfere with your S Pen's signal. A common culprit of this is using a magnetic phone case. If you currently use a magnetic phone case for your phone, try removing it first before using Air Actions or gestures. If you don't have a magnetic phone case, you can try resetting your S Pen by searching Air Actions on the Settings app. Tap Air Actions again > More Options (three vertical dots) > and tap Reset S Pen.

Thank you for your patience in dealing with this issue, ivan101! Hopefully, some of these short fixes might help you resolve your S Pen issue.