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Still not update to One UI 4 Android 12

(Topic created on: 03-06-2022 03:20 AM)
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Anyone same with me? 🤣 Received the notification 2 months ago but still didn't update it.
The notification to update actually quite annoying but I still worried about the battery drain and lag problem etc.. Do all these issue or bugs getting fixed now? 
Can anyone please inform when you think the performance of this one ui 4 has become better? My one ui 3.1 still working very smooth.
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I'm totally the opposite Bro. Checking manually the update button few times a day and jumping in joy once UI 4 update is available.

Immmediately updated my Note 10 and so far ( touch wood ), no issue or bugs or lags at all. Just sharing my experience and probably it might be a totally different experience to you.
All the best!
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Well the first OneUI 4.0 update with Android 12, I noticed an improvement in battery life (slightly). It is after the recent security patch update that my Note 20 seems to drain faster.