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6.1 killed my touchscreen S21 Ultra 5G

(Topic created on: 05-15-2024 07:02 AM)
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Galaxy S

Ran the update this morning and now my touchscreen will not work. It's possible that it may be aftermarket as I had to have it replaced within the last year. Why on earth Samsung would put this in an upgrade I have no idea. If I can't get it resolved it will be my 5th and last Samsung phone. I was seriously considering upgrading to the S24 Ultra too. The only way to get in it is with a wireless keyboard and mouse ATM. Called customer support and there's nothing they can do about it and you can't roll back the update. They suggested taking it to a repair shop. If I factory reset and it automatically updates to 6.1 again then it's moot.  If I replace the screen with an OEM and it still doesn't work I'll be out quite a bit of money. Fuming about this!

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Galaxy S
Maybe just don't update, If the issue persists still. I consider upgrading a S24 Ultra.