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Allow for dynamic manually fixed exposure between lenses during video recording

(Topic created on: 04-28-2023 03:57 AM)
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Galaxy S
Hi, we all know th S23 Ultra has 4 different lenses which obviously perform differently. there are times i dont want the default auto exposure at 3x zoom hence i sometimes manually fix it to my desired exposure. but when switching to 1x, the same exposure setting is retained from 3x to 1x which obviously made the exposure different than what i want as that exposure setting is suppoed to be for 3x zoom only, it qould be great if the camera app could take note of the manually set exposures during video recording between lenses so that i wont have to manually re adjust my exposure between zoom ranges during video recording. How can we request samaung to enhance the camera app with this? thx.
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Galaxy S

Hello iam_joshua_bcxvii,

We appreciate your feedback while using your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera, which you have suggested allows for dynamic manually fixed exposure between lenses during video recording.

Thanks for your suggestions and appreciate the time and effort you put sharing your valuable comments. This helps us improve our products, apps, and services towards enhancing the Samsung Galaxy experience for all.

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