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Android​ 13 Update for S22 series

(Topic created on: 10-27-2022 11:58 AM)
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Galaxy S
Hi. When is Android 13 update going to release in Singapore for my S22 Ultra? Other countries already got it. Why Singapore is slow, still waiting...​
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Galaxy S
Yes was looking for this as well, and the update in Expert Raw with Sky Guide
Galaxy S
Hi... 1st batch of countries just received it on Monday so Singapore 🇸🇬 standard will be 2 weeks to 1 month after them...

Don't worry cos I m using S22 Ultra too and eagerly waiting for it to come as well... If I got it already I will sure post here and share with u guys...

Can follow me in here or my personal YouTube channel for the latest news and update for Samsung...

Hope this helps...

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Thanks and Cheers...!!!
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Wats flagship do for the samsumgfg stability or hot or draining fast battery of newer patches
Is it a way for stable WiFi
Or make us accept the tab and watch all need digital technological so need money to use surf on wifi in wifi spots and home wifi with newer surfing on use of accessories to do surfing on home ground using broadband Internet and spend more to make singtel the elead of phone service provider
I hate u singtel
Galaxy S
Always purchase flagship devices of Samsung. However does not seem that way in terms of updates. Security patch even doesnt get pushed every month. More to like 3 months then you will receive it. Observed from most flagship devices that I owned.