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Battery and Future Questions

(Topic created on: 06-17-2024 08:07 AM)
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Good day. I bought the S24+ (Exynos) and am loving it. I never thought the Exynos version would be this good after using the Note 10+ Exynos version. Since it's this good, I plan to keep it for three years or more like my old Note 10+. But my old Note 10+ currently has a degraded battery according to the Samsung Members app. So, should I use the "Basic, Adaptive, or Maximum" battery protection setting? I don't understand batteries that well, but all I know is "heat is bad," and keeping the battery at 100% for a long time is bad for the battery. I'm having a hard time picking a setting because, for example, if I use the Basic option and charge up to 100%, won't that degrade the battery? But if I use the Maximum option, won't it be like degrading my battery in advance because if I used the Basic option for three years and it reaches 80% health, won't it be the same? Or does it not work that way? 

Take note: I heavily played games on my Note 10+, which probably caused the degraded battery to happen sooner. I'm not planning to game too much since "I've grown up."

TL;DR: I plan to use the S24+ for three to four years but not planning to use it for more than five years. What battery protection should I use?
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No need to overthink about it. Lithium-ion battery's ability to hold charge degrades as you use its charge cycles. 0%-100% is one charge cycle. iPhone 15 series is rated to hold 80% of its original capacity at 1000 cycles. That means if you charge 0%-100% 1000 times you will not have 3,274 mAh (original capacity of 15 pro) of battery anymore. The device will not last as long.

0%-100% is one cycle. 30%-80% is not one cycle, it's half. 30%-100% is also not one cycle, but close to one. It all depends on usage. if 80% a day is enough to you, then you'll probably charge once a day. You'll use 1 cycle over 2 days. If you're a gamer, it's probably not enough and you need to charge to 100%.

Anyway, just don't think about it. Just use Adaptive, it's what I do. Or charge 30%-80% if you're just at home. I think heat kills the battery more. I have an S24+ too, no gaming so no heating up.

Also, replace the battery after 2.5 years anyway for better experience. Degradation will always happen.