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Bring Back the 10x Optical Zoom Camera for Galaxy S Ultra series.

(Topic created on: 02-23-2024 10:11 PM)
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Galaxy S
I was an avid user of the long range zoom of the s23U as I use it for concerts. Hence I upgraded to S24U immediately when it became available. But now that I have the s24U, even after receiving the Feb. 2024 update for s24U, this is no where near the quality of zoom that the s23U has in video. I could definitely notice the oversharpening on videos and less noticeable on photos but it is still there.

I had high hopes that the S24U could fix the low light issue with s23Us 10x optical while retaining the quality of zoom, you may be able to fix the low light issue, but nowhere near did you retain the quality of clarity of the camera. 😡 It is as if you just followed Apple yet again offering a 5x camera but with a *** optical hardware that seems to have been rushed into the market just to compensate with the *** lowlight camera capability of the s23u.

Being the only camera hardware change over s23u, this is a big disappointment. 

See video captures at 20x zoom of both phones to see why.

S23 Ultra Video Capture @ 4k HDR 30fps

S24 Ultra Video Capture @ 4k HDR 30fps

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Can you upload the video clips?