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Galaxy S21 is amazing after 3 months of usage

(Topic created on: 04-27-2021 01:10 PM)
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The Samsung Galaxy S21. One of my favorite Samsung devices since the Galaxy S8! I’ve been using the phone since its release and man, good job Samsung! There have been a lot of mixed thoughts and results of this device since Samsung did cut back on a couple of features, but take my word for it, it’s still an amazing device. Anyway, let’s see what my thoughts are about the S21, three months later!



Ah, yes. The design. The S21 design is definitely striking and does stand out. The camera cutout is something Samsung intended to show, so when people see this device, they’ll be able to say “ah yes, that’s a Galaxy S21!”. The plastic back has this matte finish and I love it. I know what you’re thinking. It’s plastic. This isn’t that cheap-feeling plastic phones had back with the S4 and S5. It does feel smooth and to be honest, I kind of recommend this over a glass back, but that’s just me. Upfront, the S21 has a 6.2 inch Full HD 120hz adaptive refresh rate display with a flat design. No curves on the screen whatsoever. It does have a lower screen resolution, but honestly, that’s okay. No worries. Its adaptive refresh rate ranges from 48hz to 120hz and to be honest, I really don’t notice the change. Maybe it’s because it didn’t catch my eye, but the S21 has a beautiful display and that’s a given.

Watching YouTube videos is super pleasing especially since I’m always watching videos. I can say that this could be the first phone I’ve had in a while that could be used without a case, but I still use one nonetheless. There is no microSD card slot which is a feature that Samsung dropped with the S21 series, but personally, I would rarely use one anyway. Its dual speakers do get fairly loud, so no problem there. Samsung has always done well with the design and the S21 is no different.

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Thanks for the review.